10 Logistics Automation Benefits for Supply Chain Transformation

Logistics automation

Logistics automation is truly a revolution, offering a multitude of benefits for businesses that embrace it. Imagine a scenario where your package is picked, packed, and delivered with lightning speed and precision—all without any human intervention. Recent technological breakthroughs have reshaped logistics, making it more efficient and effective. The global logistics automation market is expected […]

Top Challenges in the Logistics Industry

Top Challenges in the Logistics Industry

Logistics & supply chain industry is one of the most predominant & booming industries. The logistics & supply chain professionals are the major players in keeping the economy moving. The businesses of retailers, manufacturers & other service providers will come to standstill in the absence of the logistics industry. Major ecommerce industry leaders like Myntra, […]

How the only complete TMS would 10x your logistics efficiency

Transportation management, and by extension, the Transportation Management System (TMS) has acted as the backbone of not just companies but also countries. It’s all about time-sensitive and cost-effective deliveries which benefit all stakeholders – Shippers, Carriers, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), Freight Forwarders and Customers.

4 pillars of a complete transportation management system

Transportation management system is a technology platform which helps an enterprise plan, manage, execute, track and improve all their logistics operations. This includes multiple variables and contingencies in terms of market dynamics, freight rates, capacity utilization, shipment delays, and invoice-level discrepancies.