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For Vendor Performance

Work with the vendors who deliver performance and not talks by know exactly how they
are performing over selected period with Fretron’s vendor performance dashboards.

Better Your Logistics Game with the Right Selection of Partners

Poor vendors can negatively affect your brand image, resulting in an irreversible impact. Delays in delivery ranging from 60-70% frequently occur due to the marketplace transport partner’s failure to meet their commitments. However, with Fretron’s vendor management scorecard, a specialized part of our performance management platform, you can effortlessly manage performance. By utilizing the vendor performance management scorecard, you can pinpoint and eliminate such underperforming vendors. This not only enables you to enhance your logistics performance substantially but also provides an intuitive performance scorecard to keep track of vendor performance. The integration of the vendor performance scorecard into the vendor management process ensures a robust approach to managing and improving logistics.


With Fretron’s smart vendor contract management module, create and store contracts and set terms to identify and map vendor performance easily.


Monitor and learn how to track vendor performance using a live dashboard, designed to give insights for each and every route and trip. With this dynamic tool, tracking vendor performance becomes a streamlined process. Generate SLA reports and track vendor performance under multiple criteria, providing a comprehensive approach to understanding and managing the effectiveness of your vendors. This method not only simplifies the task of tracking vendor performance but also offers a systematic way to ensure quality and efficiency across all operations.



Generate vendor scorecard for better comparisons between different vendors running different or similar routes. 


Generate timed trend reports on vendor performance for better rates and contract management with fine selection of best performing vendors. 

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