Streamlining Retail Logistics
with Advanced Technology

Navigate the complexities of retail logistics effortlessly with Fretron TMS, your partner in
enhancing supply chain efficiency, reducing costs, and meeting evolving customer demands.

Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility

Retailers often face challenges in maintaining a transparent supply chain, leading to inventory mismanagement, shipment delays, and difficulties in adapting to disruptions.
Fretron TMS offers real-time tracking and comprehensive visibility across your entire supply chain. With features like track and trace, we empower retailers to monitor shipments every step of the way, enabling better inventory management and proactive response to potential disruptions.

Reducing Transportation Costs

With escalating fuel prices and the inefficiency of route planning, retailers are burdened with rising transportation expenses.
Our TMS optimizes your route planning, consolidates shipments for full vehicle utilization, and significantly cuts transportation costs. Through smart load planning and dispatch planning and execution, Fretron TMS ensures you’re moving goods in the most efficient way possible.

Simplifying Compliance and Documentation

The logistics sector’s regulatory landscape is complex, making document management and compliance adherence a tedious task for retailers.
Fretron TMS simplifies this process with automated compliance management, ensuring that all necessary documents are prepared and regulations are meticulously followed, minimizing the risk of penalties and shipment delays.

Meeting Customer Expectations for Quick Delivery

The e-commerce boom has escalated customer expectations for faster delivery times, posing a challenge for retailers without an optimized logistics framework.
Improve delivery reliability and speed with Fretron TMS’s optimized scheduling and route planning features. We help you meet and exceed customer delivery expectations, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

Decisions in logistics are often made without the support of data, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.
With Fretron TMS, leverage powerful analytics and reporting tools that provide deep insights into your logistics operations. Make informed, data-backed decisions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Streamlining Carrier Management

Managing a network of carriers and ensuring their performance standards can be cumbersome and resource-heavy for retailers.
Fretron TMS simplifies carrier management by consolidating all carrier interactions within a single platform. Monitor performance, manage contracts, and adjust your carrier mix easily with our comprehensive fleet management solution, enhancing overall logistics performance.
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