End-to-end freight movement visibility | The Catalyst

End-to-end freight movement visibility | The Catalyst

Increase your freight movement visibility and responsiveness by 70-80%. This visibility ‘catalyst’ will boost your overall transportation management and all related key performance indicators (KPIs) like on-time delivery, minimal bottlenecks and detentions, instant service level agreement (SLA) alerts, and increased cost/time efficiency.

Fretron’s end-to-end freight movement visibility is the pivoting tech which would streamline and automate your entire supply chain network. In this day and age, it’s the absolute necessity. You would completely agree with this when we pair this ‘solution’ with the overarching ‘benefit’. Supply chain agility and transparency.

No matter what scenario or risk profile, higher shipment movement visibility empowers all your stakeholders. Your logistics managers, handlers, drivers, partners, vendors, etc. get real-time insights and knowledge. With this, the key-people can make better and timely decisions.

These decisions stand to, not just save lakhs or millions, but also improve the timeliness of deliveries while mitigating bottlenecks and violations. It would help build a better, more agile, and more transparent supply chain network.

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To reiterate the title: Fretron’s end-to-end freight movement visibility is the perfect catalyst to achieve this.

Live Shipment Tracking – Real-time movement information

Indian Freight transport (million tonnes-kilometre) has increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.01% between 1990 to 2017. Thousands of trucks move around the country’s intertwining road network every day. Many of these trucks would be detained at some point. Some managers just add in a buffer detention time in the overall delivery timelines.

However, there’s still the aspect of not knowing where the truck is at a particular moment. Herein lies the catch. Not knowing puts the shipper, carriers and consignee at the risk of cost escalations due to delay or mishappenings.

Fretron’s live shipment tracking shows exactly where the shipment is at all times (24×7) and with the exact movement or delivery status. It also shows the exact estimated time of arrivals (ETA) at any possible intermediate hub or the final delivery point.

Real-time freight movement visibility extends further from the in-transit movement. The stakeholders have total visibility of every truck even when it’s in the yard. They can streamline all their activities and loading/unloading schedules with complete foresight and control. This brings down the overall in-yard detention or turnaround time (TAT) by 45%+.

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Instant SLA Alerts – Know violations in time and fix them

What’s beyond just knowing the location and movement information of a truck? It’s knowing the significance of this information. Fretron’s instant SLA alerts are the key to turn this ‘information’ into ‘actionable insights’.

One of the ‘catalytic’ properties of end-to-end freight movement visibility is to improve the agility of transportation management with a higher degree of dynamic handling. Imagine that your truck has a flat tire and is ‘stuck’ at a point. Fretron’s platform would instantly alert you about the development and you can act on the same with the needed urgency.

There’s a time between an occurrence (during in-transit shipment movement) and its resolution. This ‘detention time’ could mean the difference between keeping or missing delivery timelines. Fretron’s instant alerts help reduce this detention time.

It minimizes the time taken to discover the issue. Furthermore, the right person is alerted at the right time with all the necessary information and resolution tools at hand. This further reduces detention time. It’s the same in scenarios where the driver takes an alternative route (as opposed to the planned route) or is speeding. The right person can act on the information as it happens.

Instant EPOD Validation – Perfect and live delivery validation

Now, moving on to the delivery fulfilment part. Fretron’s freight movement visibility begins at the order creation stage and moves through the actual delivery of the shipment. Fretron’s instant electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) validation enables all stakeholders (shippers, LSPs, carriers, vendors, drivers, consignee, etc.) with accurate, instant and undisputable delivery validation.

Each item or unit in the shipment is scanned and accounted for throughout the journey. This means that every stock-keeping unit (SKU) has complete end-to-end movement visibility. If a unit is missing at the point of delivery, the details are recorded in the system and the exact deviation point is identified.

This EPOD syncs instantly with the central system. This means that there’s no need to wait days for the driver to return with the physical EPOD to initiate the settlement process. Furthermore, all possible delivery ‘discrepancies’ are minimized as the validations happen instantly and digitally.

All-in-one Control Tower –  All movement and deliveries info in one screen

On to the main concept. We covered everything from in-yard shipment visibility, in-transit freight movement visibility, to the final delivery validations. Fretron’s all-in-one supply chain control tower gives you all this information about each shipment, every truck and all movement in a single screen.

If you are the CEO or the logistics manager, you can keep tight control over your asset-light or lean transportation management. You can visually spot every truck in real-time and know their status. You would know exactly how many trucks have a positive ETA and how many are likely to be delayed. It also sets-up Fretron’s powerful analytics reports.

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With this control tower, you can properly leverage the end-to-end freight movement visibility and amplify your logistics efficiency at a minimal cost.

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