Complete Logistics

Seamlessly plan and orchestrate your logistics operations with intelligent workflows,
load building and vendor allocation automation and so much more.

Worried about Increasing Operational TATs?

Operational TATs increase due to high operational complexities and in-efficient load building and dispatch management. With Fretrons intelligent automation workflows, you can plan and orchestrate your logistics operations to meet the agility demands and reduce manual load and dispatch planning.

Shipment Load Building Workflows

Define your loading or unloading workflow as per your customers or location with our easy to build loading workflow engine.

Reduce manual intervention in-turn reducing human errors and decreasing load building TAT.

Auto Load Allocation to Preferred Vendors

Create load for specific vehicle type and allocate to the right vendors with the selected vehicle fleet.

Standardize business policies by making contract clauses, highlighting contract risks through a secure contract repository.

Intelligent Freight Sourcing with Spot Bidding

Get the best rate from the market through the online procurement platform. Manage your orders through daily real-time bidding or automate your vehicle assignment based on your contractual rules.

Plan your orders more efficiently by collaborating with your vendors on the same platform and reduce placement failure.

End-to-end Dispatch Automation

Manage all your purchase orders by creating packages & shipments, sending delivery notifications in real-time through a single order management system.

Monitor the movement of shipments and keep your customers updated on their locations. Ensure customer satisfaction with real-time visibility of their consignment.

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