Streamlining Steel Logistics
with Precision & Efficiency

Transform your steel industry logistics with Fretron’s comprehensive Transportation Management
System (TMS) – Tailored solutions for the unique challenges of steel transportation.

Reducing Transportation cost

Fuel, maintenance, and inefficient route planning contribute significantly to high transportation expenses.
Fretron’s TMS is equipped with fuel management tools, maintenance tracking, and sophisticated route optimization features. These tools work together to minimize transportation costs, ensuring your operations are as cost-effective as they are reliable.

Simplifying Compliance and documentation

The transportation of steel must meet stringent regulations, including safety standards for load securing.
Fretron’s TMS includes comprehensive compliance management features. These tools ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and safety protocols, mitigating the risk of fines and enhancing overall safety during transport.

Enhanced Customer Service and Delivery Reliability

Meeting delivery deadlines is essential for customer satisfaction and competitiveness.
With Fretron’s TMS, enable precise delivery scheduling and real-time tracking. Improve customer service and reliability, ensuring your deliveries are always on time, every time.

Multimodal transportation management

The steel industry faces unique challenges due to the bulk and weight of products, requiring precise coordination across various transportation modes and routes.
Fretron’s TMS solution brings advanced route optimization algorithms and multi-modal transportation management capabilities to the forefront. This allows for streamlined logistics, reducing transportation costs and improving delivery timelines, ensuring your steel logistics are managed with unmatched precision and efficiency.

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