Streamlining Chemical

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Ensure Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency in Your Chemical Shipments with Fretron TMS

Safety and Compliance Monitoring

Navigating the labyrinth of safety and regulatory standards is paramount for the transportation of hazardous materials. Non-compliance not only poses risks to public safety but can also result in significant financial penalties.
Fretron TMS automates compliance checks and alerts, ensuring every shipment adheres to the necessary safety standards. With features like dispatch planning and execution integrated with automated compliance verifications, Fretron TMS minimizes the risk of human error, keeping your operations within regulatory boundaries without compromising on efficiency.

Smart Route Optimization

The chemical industry requires meticulous planning to deliver hazardous materials on time while adhering to safety regulations. Inefficient routing can lead to delays, increased costs, and safety risks.
Leveraging dynamic routing capabilities, Fretron TMS optimizes delivery routes by considering road restrictions, traffic conditions, and delivery windows. This ensures the safe, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of chemicals, with the added benefit of reducing environmental impact through better fuel efficiency.

Real-time Tracking and Visibility

Stakeholders demand transparency and real-time information on the whereabouts and status of their sensitive shipments to manage risks and ensure safety.
With Fretron TMS’s track and trace feature, stakeholders gain end-to-end visibility, allowing for real-time tracking of shipments. This improves trust and transparency between shippers, carriers, and customers, enabling proactive management of potential issues.

Customer Service and Delivery Reliability

Meeting delivery deadlines is essential for customer satisfaction and competitiveness.
With Fretron’s TMS, perform precise delivery scheduling and real-time tracking. Improve customer service and reliability, ensuring your deliveries are always on time, every time.

Reducing transportation cost

In the competitive chemical industry, controlling transportation costs is crucial for maintaining profitability.
Fretron TMS identifies cost-saving opportunities through smart load planning and freight sourcing, optimizing capacity utilization, and reducing empty miles. This comprehensive approach to cost management ensures your transportation operations contribute positively to your bottom line.

Prompt incident management

Incidents involving hazardous materials require immediate and effective response to mitigate risks and ensure safety.
The real-time location tracking feature of Fretron TMS enables quick identification and location of affected shipments, facilitating rapid coordination with emergency response teams. This ensures that any incident is managed promptly and effectively, minimizing impact.
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