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Identify and Eradicate Barriers Impacting your Logistics & Supply Chain Operations with Fretron

Logistics Challenges

Whether you are handling logistics as a shipper or as a service provider, there are different sets of challenges and barriers that you will come across in operations. Thanks to the tech advancements in recent years technology has become a significant driver of change helping companies overcome challenges like –


High Loading & Dispatch TAT

High Trip Costs Due to Poor Vendor Selection

Low Team Productivity Due to Manual Processes


Limited En-route Visibility with no ePOD

Delivery Delays Due to Poor Exception Handling

Fragmented Modal Split with No Multimodal Plan

Perfect logistics orchestration to automate shipment load, dispatch and supply routes
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Manufacturing Cement & Steel
Flawlessly create FTL loads and auto-assign to the right set of vendors
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Oil & Gas
Comply to all the en-route safety standards while making sure your shipment is safe and tracked.
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Retail & Hypermarket
Decrease your inventory costs with perfect planning of replenishment cycles
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Make sure your temperature sensitive cargo is handled with care and tracked effectively
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Seamless and fast-adopting enterprise end-to-end logistics management technology. Boost all logistics operations, right from order planning, dispatch management, auto-shipment allocation, yard management, real-time freight tracking, instant alerts and ePOD. All-stakeholder and total logistics optimization.

Seamless AI enabled order sorting and dispatching

Automated vendor allocation based on bids and performance

Complete digitization of yard operations reducing check-in and out TATs


Bring realtime logistics visibility to the forefront of your operations and provide your customers with end-to-end package shipment statuses with Fretron’s comprehensive logistics transportation management platform. Boost customer retention and measure the right KPIs to leverage high ROI.

Comprehensive Logistics Control Tower for seamless shipment and operations tracking

Advanced exception management to identify bottlenecks and reduce shipment delays

End-to-end digitized operations including customer feedback and POD

Large Fleet Owners
Know the exact whereabouts of all your fleets in real-time on a single dashboard
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3rd,4th & 5th Party Logistics
Manage all legs of your logistics movement with multimodal planning
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Courier Express Parcel
Perfect first, middle & last mile management with courier app for ePOD
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