How the only complete TMS would 10x your logistics efficiency

Transportation management, and by extension, the Transportation Management System (TMS) has acted as the backbone of not just companies but also countries. It’s all about time-sensitive and cost-effective deliveries which benefit all stakeholders – Shippers, Carriers, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), Freight Forwarders and Customers. Now let’s say we infuse lasting ground-level efficiency within this logistics movement. This would greatly improve the availability of top (or local) brands, improve end-customer satisfaction, and build an evolved and sustainable supply chain network. In the current pandemic scenario, a powerful logistics network or a capable TMS would reduce food and goods insecurity while supporting multiple industries. So we have now established two things: Transportation Management Systems are necessary and having an efficient TMS is the need of the hour. Let’s bring in the only complete TMS, Fretron.

Fretron’s Complete TMS: The Gateway to 10x Logistics Efficiency

Order planning and management

Logistics technology has, traditionally, been focused on ‘silos’. At the enterprise level, a silo is when departments engage in self-improvement but don’t much engage in inter-departmental knowledge or intel exchange. Nevertheless, we know from many management gurus that focusing on only ‘Silo’ improvement won’t benefit the enterprise in a great way. Logistics tech that claims to solve only the symptoms of the problem just gives temporary relief and, like silos, don’t take into consideration the holistic issue. Fretron’s complete TMS is the pioneering software which pushes this wholesome and all-inclusive improvement ethos. Let’s have a quick look.

Every order has a story with a beginning (creation), middle (load-building and transit), and end (delivery). Some orders have a good story to tell, some… not so good.

  • The Complete TMS ensures that all order creation is precise and optimized as per every seasonality and situational intel.
  • Intuitive and smart contract management assigns the right shipment to the right truck (vendor/driver) for maximum compatibility and potential success rates.
  • The load-building protocol ensures that the in-hub/in-plant loading schedules and actual fleet capacities are optimized.
  • Advanced yard management minimizes in-yard/in-plant Turn-Around Time (TAT) with total in-plant movement visibility.
  • On-time dispatch management ensures that the shipments are out and on their planned routes with total in-transit tracking and full visibility.

Real-time Freight Tracking and Visibility

The middle of the order journey story. This can make or break the logistics flow. This is the part where the local infrastructure and random contingencies could delay or disrupt optimal Freight movement.

  • Fretron’s real-time shipment tracking ensures that the shipper, carrier, LSPs, consignee (etc.) know the trucks or trailers exact location at all times.
  • They can view their live movement in the Supply Chain Control Tower dashboard. No need to get on a call with the drivers to confirm their location.
  • This doesn’t mean that the logistics/operations managers need to be glued to the screens at all times. The system sends in instant alerts about all small and major developments from the road.
  • Route deviation/delay/detainment alerts as they happen. The relevant players can immediately jump into action and solve the issue.
  • This is the tech-solution which doesn’t just increase enterprise’ logistics management agility and responsiveness but also incentivizes an agility-focused company culture (from thought to action).
  • All in-transit hubs and consignees have full incoming shipment visibility so they can plan their resources and unloading processes around the exact Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).
  • After the shipment/order is delivered, the software initiates no-error Electronic Proof of Deliveries (EPOD). These EPODs are immediately synced with the central system.

Robust and Fast Billing/Settlements

The logistics management and shipment/order journey ‘story’ continues through to the billing and settlements phase. There’s more to order tracking than in-transit movement visibility.

  • Fretron’s complete TMS system minimizes, even eliminates, all order loading-unloading discrepancies.
  • Each order, while creation, is assigned a tracking id (whether they’re combined into crates or pallets). All order in-scans are logged into the central system. The system tracks in-transit shipment health/quality. Order out-scans are, again, synced with the system which verifies their status.
  • Incomplete orders/deliveries are detected and noted on the spot without the note for paper-pushed claims and discrepancies. All claims are quickly tracked and validated.
  • All Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations are tracked in real-time. Any such SLA violation is recorded and factored into the settlements/reconciliation process. This greatly hastens the entire process with proper location and time-stamped digital proofs.
  • A robust and fast billing and systems platform involves multi-directional communication and benefits. The system automates invoice creation and speeds-up satisfactory settlements.

No-Interruption Connected Logistics

A story (even an order journey story is as good as the writer). Similarly, all TMS-enabled planning, tracking and optimization are only as good the actual input information/data.

  • Fretron’s connected logistics is an intricate mix of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices and protocols.
  • Advanced GPS-enabled trackers, along with smartphone-driven movement visibility, gives uninterrupted and highly-accurate location and time input. In-plant, in-transit, at-destination… well, anywhere and anytime.
  • This strong and heavily field-tested connected logistics platform forms the foundation of the supply chain control tower. It enables constant and total logistics management control, agility, and responsiveness.

For a detailed dive-in, check out: 4 pillars of a complete transportation management system

Conclusion: Road to 10x logistics efficiency with Fretron’s Complete TMS

Just a note on the 10x logistics efficiency boost. With the complete TMS, you increased the overall quality of the complete order journey (story).

  • Precise and market-sensitive order creation.
  • Perfect shipment assignment.
  • Smart load-building and fleet capacity optimization.
  • Quality yard management with in-plant TAT reduction and on-time dispatches.
  • No-interruption and real-time shipment tracking with instant alerts.
  • Superior EPOD validation and no-discrepancy deliveries.
  • Fast and satisfactory billing/settlements.
  • And… a superior issue/exception management system which brings in the real-world machine learning which was missing from logistics management, until now. More on this later.

All this adds to the consistent, sustained and evolving efficiency in every aspect of logistics management. In short, Fretron’s only Complete TMS = 10x efficiency.

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