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The modern logistics landscape demands a proactive, transparent strategy that empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions in real-time. Real-time visibility has, thus, become the cornerstone of efficient and successful logistics operations. Gone are the days of relying on outdated information and reactive approaches.

The lack of transparency translates into a multitude of problems. Firstly, reactive incident management becomes the norm, with teams scrambling to address issues only after they arise. This reactive approach leads to customer dissatisfaction, operational inefficiencies, and ultimately, lost revenue. Secondly, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement becomes a slow and cumbersome process, hindering the ability to optimize operations and reduce costs.

Here’s where a robust Transportation Management System (TMS) with a powerful visibility solution comes into play.


Fretron empowers businesses to transform their logistics operations into transparent, proactive, and compliant operations. Real-time insights into shipment location, potential delays, and any deviation from planned routes allow for proactive incident detection and resolution, minimizing disruptions and fostering stronger customer relationships. Furthermore, performance analytics provide valuable insights into your operations, allowing you to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies for continuous improvement.

By harnessing the power of real-time visibility, supply chain heads can address these challenges and unlock significant benefits. Reduced customer support calls, improved on-time delivery rates, and optimized operational costs are just some rewards reaped from a transparent supply chain.

Let us now delve deeper into the core functionalities of Fretron’s Visibility solution, showcasing how each feature empowers you to gain real-time visibility and transform your logistics operations.

Proactive Incident Management With Real-Time Visibility

Reactive incident handling is now known for significantly impacting customer trust and loyalty. Traditional manual tracking systems and relying solely on customer reports often lead to delayed responses to incidents. This inefficiency can damage your business reputation and customer relationships.

Fretron enables proactive incident management to address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing delays and disruptions. This fosters stronger customer relationships and builds trust, leading to increased satisfaction.

Customizable alert system

Set up alerts to trigger notifications for specific events in real-time. This will raise tickets for the specific incidents alerted and these tickets can be managed by all the concerned stakeholders, leading to prompt resolution of issues.


Ensuring Safe And Reliable Deliveries Through Deep Visibility

Traditional route tracking and physical locks can be unreliable, leaving your shipments vulnerable to theft or deviation from planned routes. Limited visibility and outdated safety measures can compromise the safety of your cargo, leading to potential losses and reputational damage.

Fretron offers a powerful combination of advanced shipment tracking modes for enhanced security and peace of mind. Gain complete visibility into the shipment’s journey to ensure safe transportation. This translates to a minimized risk of theft or tampering, leading to reliable on-time deliveries and increased customer confidence.

Multiple automated tracking modes

Track shipments live through one or all of a wide range of automated tracking modes. Choose the best option suited to your business needs or operating constraints.


Create fallback or other tracking methods as per your preference or for reasons like poor connectivity, infrastructural inefficiencies, etc.

Empowering Customers with Shipment Visibility

Customers today expect constant visibility into the status of their shipments. Traditional methods like periodic updates through emails or phone calls often leave them frustrated with delayed information and a lack of control. This can lead to increased support calls for customer service teams and dissatisfied customers, ultimately.

Fretron empowers your customers with real-time shipment visibility. This eliminates the need for them to contact your support team for status updates, also reducing customer support workload and improving the overall customer experience.


User-friendly shipment tracking portal

Provide your customers with 24/7 visibility of shipments via a tracking portal accessible on multiple devices. This self-serve portal allows them to track shipment status and location in real time, reducing the need for contacting your support team.

Also, customers can raise requests for delivery location changes or pinpoint their preferred delivery locations via the self-service portal.

AI-powered delivery time estimates

Generate accurate time of arrival estimates with powerful AI algorithms for your customers to help them prepare ahead of likely delays.

Data-Driven Optimization for Improved Visibility

Traditional methods of identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement in your logistics operations often rely on periodic reviews and manual data analysis. This approach can be slow and inefficient, leading to missed opportunities to optimize your processes and reduce costs.

Fretron provides you with analytical tools to gain valuable insights into your logistics performance. This allows you to quickly pinpoint inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement, optimizing processes and driving higher profit margins.

Comprehensive analytics dashboard

Gain a clear view of your logistics performance with a customizable analytics dashboard that tracks key metrics. Leverage data-backed scorecards for tracking, reviewing, and optimizing transporters’ performance on the key metrics.

Monitor, review, and optimize any inefficiencies in operations affecting deliveries across transporters, shipments, plants, and warehouses with customized reports.


Seamless Collaboration and Coordination for Real-Time Visibility

In today’s logistics landscape, collaboration with transporters is crucial. However, traditional methods of tracking shipments through phone calls and Management Information Systems (MIS) reports often lead to frustration. Delays in receiving data and conflicting information can cause coordination breakdowns with transporters, impacting trust and reliability.

Fretron enables seamless collaboration between logistics teams and transporters with real-time visibility and accurate shipment tracking.

Transporter portals

Provide transporters and other stakeholders with dedicated portals for real-time access to shipment information and updates. This eliminates communication gaps and ensures everyone involved has the same, up-to-date information.


With an auditable vehicle location trail, establish truth easily without any friction. Enforce contract consequences on transporters in case of compliance breaches by verifying the vehicle reporting date and release date at the consignee.

Visibility on Team Accountability with Advanced Analytics

Evaluating team performance is vital for optimizing your logistics operations. Traditional methods like in-person reviews and Excel data analysis often lack comprehensiveness. The absence of detailed information can lead to inadequate assessments and limited tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Fretron’s Track and Trace equips you with advanced analytics for in-depth team performance analysis.

System-generated reports and analytics

Gain valuable insights with automated reports and a comprehensive analytics suite. Track key metrics, identify areas for improvement, and hold your team accountable for optimal performance.


Don’t let outdated tracking methods and reactive management hold your logistics operations hostage. Fretron’s Track and Trace equips you to ditch phone calls, eliminate information silos, and transform your logistics with real-time visibility.  Reduce disruptions, strengthen partnerships, and optimize performance – take control of your logistics performance

Connect with us to know the best strategies and how you can leverage powerful Fretron TMS’ capabilities to ensure deeper visibility into your logistics operations. You can alternatively email us at sales@fretron.com or call us at +91 9711799111.

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