9 Myths About Transportation Management Systems In Logistics

9 Myths About Transportation Management Systems In Logistics

Reducing transportation complexities can be a significant challenge in logistics, where precision and efficiency are short-term necessities. This is where Transportation Management Solutions, or TMS, comes into play.   TMS, short for Transportation Management Solutions, is a valuable tool used to facilitate logistics operations. It streamlines shipping, optimizes routes, and enhances supply chain efficiency, all […]

Transforming Supply Chain Management with Fretron’s Advanced Freight Visibility

Transforming Supply Chain Management with Fretron's Advanced Freight Visibility

Introduction In today’s dynamic world of supply chain operations, achieving consistent freight visibility is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. The complexities and challenges in managing and tracking shipments are immense, often leading to inefficiencies that ripple through the entire supply chain. Common issues include reliance on disjointed communication methods, such as Excel, […]

The Reality of Transport Management Systems: Facts vs. Myths

Common Myths about Transport Management Systems

Driven by the goal to grow their business, manufacturers are increasingly adopting digital logistics modules. Today’s supply chain is both complex and dynamic, yet it holds many opportunities for growth. Transport Management Systems (TMS) represent a significant step towards building a resilient business. However, common myths often create resistance to digital adoption.   These myths […]

Transportation Management System Features You Should Look for in 2024

Transportation Management System Features 2024

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) take center stage, ensuring your goods reach their destination seamlessly. What’s even more compelling is how TMS is evolving, harnessing advanced technologies such as ML and IoT. In 2024, it’s set to redefine how you navigate logistics.   Let’s explore this blog post to find out […]

How Does Transportation Management System Help Your Logistics Business Grow

How Logistics Business Grow with a TMS

The Transportation Management System (TMS) is fundamental for contemporary supply chain and logistics enterprises.   TMS is a tailored software designed to assist in planning, executing, and optimizing freight shipments. It mainly undertakes three functions:   Identify shippers and compare prices Book shipments at the lowest rates Track & monitor the shipment’s progress   TMS […]

The Importance of TMS in Green Supply Chain

The Importance of TMS in Green Supply Chain

In the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain management, sustainability is now a paramount concern. Businesses face the challenge of reducing their environmental impact while optimizing operations. Enter Transportation Management Systems (TMS), a key solution that empowers a green supply chain. This blog post will highlight how TMS tackles these challenges, paving the way for a […]

Addressing Challenges in Metal & Steel Supply Chain Through Digital Solutions

Challenges in Metal & Steel Supply Chain Through Digital Solutions

The global economy leans on the metal and steel industry, a critical foundation for numerous sectors’ growth. With expectations to reach 2.3 Billion Metric Tons by 2030 at a 3% CAGR, the steel industry significantly influences a nation’s GDP. Consequently, manufacturers are focusing on a vital operational element that impacts their growth – the supply […]

How Manufacturers Are Generating ROI With Good TMS Platforms

How Manufacturers Are Generating ROI With Good TMS Platforms

Ever wondered how a minor glitch in your supply chain can have massive impacts on your manufacturing business? In the supply chain manufacturing process, the stakes are high, and the tiniest logistical hiccup can disrupt the entire flow of your supply chain, causing significant disruptions.   Think about it: a delay in raw material delivery […]

ERP Vs.TMS: Why Logistics Needs a Dedicated Solution


In the changing world of transportation, where efficiency is crucial, an important question arises: Have you ever considered the distinction between ERP and TMS and how they contribute to enhancing your shipping and delivery process?   Let’s delve deeper. ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) are the backbone of businesses handling finances and inventory management. However, […]

Guide to Digital Reverse Auction in Logistics

Guide to Digital Reverse Auction in Logistics

Imagine an online market where businesses compete to offer the best prices for your shipping needs. It’s like an online bidding game where suppliers compete to lower prices. In the end, the bidder with the lowest price wins the auction.   This guide walks you through this innovative process, uncovering how it can significantly reduce […]