What is Freight Cost? Reasons for high freight costs

What is freight cost

Freight costs can account for up to 50% of a product’s total value, significantly telling how high freight costs in logistics can impact businesses to end customers. As global trade intensifies and consumer demand for rapid delivery grows, the cost of transporting goods has surged, posing a critical challenge for companies. Rising fuel prices, increasing […]

Reducing Freight Costs: Key Strategies & Best Practices

Reducing Freight Costs: Key Strategies & Best Practices

Learn how to reduce your freight cost with these practical tips and strategies. How to reduce freight cost? Freight costs are a significant expense for businesses that transport goods. Whether you are a small business owner or a logistics manager for a large corporation, reducing freight costs is crucial to improving your bottom line. This […]

How Technology Can Help with Freight Cost Reduction

How Technology Advancements Can Help Reduce Freight Cost

The logistics sector has seen a rapid evolution of technology over the past decade, driven by the need for greater efficiency and freight cost reduction. The high cost of road transportation inefficiencies within operations, and ongoing external challenges like rising fuel prices, labor costs, and regulatory requirements, have businesses looking for ways to save profits. […]

Why Freight Cost is High in The Cement Industry

Why Freight Cost is High in The Cement Industry

The cement industry in India experiences several challenges in managing its supply chain systems and freight cost optimization. One of the biggest challenges cement manufacturers in India’s face is higher freight expenses compared to other developed countries.    Additionally, low investments in technology solutions and digitization leads to less progress made by this industry. Improving […]

5 Top Reasons Why Freight Cost is High in the Steel Industry

5 Top Reasons Why Freight Cost is High in the Steel Industry

Are you searching for efficient ways to reduce freight costs in the steel industry logistics operations? Companies with Freight as a crucial part of their business must deal with the continuous rise in transportation of steel industry logistics as a whole. This is why finding best ways to transport steel to ensure freight charges optimization […]

Reduce Freight Costs with the Top 10 Strategies

Reduce Freight Costs

Soaring freight costs is no longer a simple problem but a threatening challenge to the overall efficiency and stability of the supply chains. The harsh realizations post-pandemic have put policymakers and businesses on their toes, gearing policies and performance towards a prime aim- reduce freight costs. The launch of the National Logistics Policy greatly emphasized […]

7 Less-Known Tactics to Cut Down Freight Cost

7 Tactics to Cut Down Freight Cost

The white-collared professionals involved in the logistics & supply chain industry are often faced with the question ‘How to reduce freight costs?’ Businesses that involve inventory management know the fact that freight costs can’t be certain as it depends on the variety of economic factors like fuel cost, labour wage, government tax & regulation policies […]