Chapter 1: How Fretron Started?

How Fretron Started

Fretron – India’s #1 SaaS based comprehensive transport management software is developed with a research-based approach to solve the existing complex problems in the logistics & supply chain industry by leveraging high-tech solutions. The founders of the company come with extensive experience of 25+ years in the logistics industry and understand the ‘genuine & unsaid problems’ within the industry. 

With this in mind our founders, Puneet Agarwal, Swati Agarwal & Sunil Dhaker started on a journey to build a product that offers 360 degree solutions to the present challenges, from order planning to final bill & invoice settlement all at one place. 

A Step Ahead

An idea is just a substructure of a broader business vision. An idea to amalgamate technology with logistics & supply chain was not enough to transform the world of logistics. To validate our idea was the biggest challenge in our story. Before building the product, our founders did analytical research at a deeper level to understand & build a product that fits well with the Indian logistics industry and tailor-ready as per Indian user’s maturity level. 

Through the power of networking, team Fretron got in touch with top-notch Indian logistics companies to get first-hand experience and understand the core problems that people involved in supply chain face (from a logistics manager to a truck pilot). Not only from a logistics perspective, Fretron’s team assembled information to get deep into the mind of on-road heroes – truck pilots, after all pilots play a crucial role in completing an order. 

Product Building 

After spending 2-3 months researching & understanding the problem, Fretron’s co-founder & CTO, Sunil Dhaker took a lead and started building Fretron’s product team who started with scratch and took an idea to its final destination. Though, our young & enthusiastic team of product & technical architects are still innovating & improvising the product to make it more accessible to our customers and end users. 

With advanced technology & seamless integration, our product offers modules such as; logistics control tower, complete logistics orchestration, freight invoice & billing automation. Fretron’s user interface is easy to use and simple & does not require a logistics manager to be tech-savvy. Apart from being mobile friendly software, Fretron is a multilingual app that offers high configurability with modern webnative systems.  

Product Testing 

For a product manager, testing their product in the niche market is one of the most difficult tasks. For a user, it’s just a product but for our product team it is their heart & soul that will add value in the lives of shippers, LSPs, drivers & other logistic professionals. Within the network, Fretron went through multiple trials and finally in the later part of 2017 was able to solve the huge & gigantic challenges of leading Indian logistics companies.

Going out in the market

The major challenge for any product or tech based company is to turn their product into a revenue generator. Fretron’s young and enthusiastic team of product & technical ninjas, sales pundits and innovative marketing professionals are working towards one single goal – to make the most comprehensive logistics management platform. 

Since inception in 2017, Fretron has earned the trust of 100s of Indian industry leaders including CJ Darcl, VMart, Jindal industries & so on. 

Future Plans 

Fretron started with a mission to automate the end-to-end operations of the logistics industry. Year-by-year, Fretron is broadening its business horizons to be the one stop destination for logistics & supply chain industry for Indian and international market. 

Stay tuned for chapter 2! 

Author Bio: 

Gurleen Sethi: Gurleen Sethi , a logophile from the national capital of the country – Delhi. is a Content Lead at Fretron. Over 4 years of content & marketing career, she has honed the expertise in creating high-quality content with special focus on maintaining the brand’s authenticity & originality. 

“The devil is in the detail”, is the philosophy she follows and defines pretty much everything she does. She loves to innovate & experiment with her style of writing. Apart from writing, she is focused on ideating marketing strategies.

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