Why Fretron TMS is the Key to Your Dispatch Success

Efficient and effective dispatch management can make or break a company’s success. This cannot be overstated enough in a logistics world where delays and inefficiencies can disrupt entire supply chains. The challenges posed by rapid globalization, trading complexities, regulatory compliance, and ever-changing market dynamics have put much at stake for businesses. Amidst all the crucial aspects, the focus on dispatch planning and execution has increased manifolds.

Technology-powered transformation of dispatch management has brought about a breath of relief for logistics stakeholders, particularly dispatch managers. They are now leveraging different solutions to tackle the unique challenges of dispatch operations in B2B logistics. One solution that outshines them all is the TMS or Transportation management software as it packs powerful technologies, advanced capabilities, and seamless integrations. With its suite of advanced capabilities, including intelligent load planning, carrier selection optimization, automated compliance management, and real-time visibility, a TMS represents the key to unlocking operational excellence, cost savings, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

It is within this context that the dispatch planning and execution capabilities of the Fretron Transportation Management System (TMS) emerge as a beacon of innovation. Fretron TMS  empowers logistics professionals with the much-needed tools to turn their dispatch plans into a model of efficiency and sustainability. Let’s dig deep into what Fretron TMS can do.


Maximize Load Efficiency with Intelligent Planning

Businesses face significant challenges in optimizing load planning due to the intricate combinations of shipments and vehicle types. Traditional manual planning methods or basic software solutions that fail to account for potential constraints often lead to inefficiencies and higher transportation costs. As a result, businesses struggle to achieve optimal load utilization, ultimately hampering their ability to streamline operations and control expenses.

Fretron leverages sophisticated algorithms to automate the creation of load plans and optimized shipment route plans. By intelligently planning loads and routes, Fretron helps businesses maximize vehicle space utilization, reducing the number of vehicles required and associated transportation costs. Optimized routes ensure faster deliveries, improving customer satisfaction and potentially leading to higher order fulfillment rates.

Automatic 3D Load Planning and Advanced Constraint-Based Route Optimization

This feature utilizes advanced algorithms that go beyond simple volume allocation. It incorporates 3D modeling to visualize and optimize truck packing, ensuring maximum space utilization while adhering to weight restrictions. Additionally, route optimization considers factors like traffic patterns, road restrictions, and delivery time windows to create the most efficient delivery routes.


Optimize Transportation Costs with Intelligent Automation

Managing vehicle indenting efficiently while considering carrier performance and associated costs can be a daunting task for logistics professionals. Relying on manual allocation processes or lacking comprehensive carrier data often leads to suboptimal vehicle selection. These inefficiencies can result in higher operational costs and missed opportunities for cost savings, severely impacting a company’s bottom line.

Fretron’s intelligent automation system for vehicle indenting and carrier selection addresses these challenges head-on. Strategic vehicle allocation based on real-time data ensures that loads are assigned to carriers who can deliver efficiently and at competitive rates. This also improves carrier performance through data-driven decision-making and ultimately drives significant cost savings.

Strategic Vehicle Indenting and Carrier Selection

Fretron takes the guesswork out of vehicle allocation with advanced capabilities like configurable automation rules, performance-based carrier ranking, and real-time cost analysis. By leveraging contract-based SOB allocation, businesses can set parameters based on factors like carrier performance data, cost structures, and vehicle types to optimize transportation costs. The system then automatically assigns loads to the most suitable vehicles, ensuring on-time deliveries while keeping transportation costs in check.


Ensure Seamless Compliance and Efficient Operations

Ensuring vehicle and driver compliance while managing the associated documentation efficiently is a critical aspect of logistics operations. However, manual checks and separate systems for compliance management can be time-consuming and error-prone. This ultimately increases the risk of non-compliance, potentially leading to costly fines and operational delays. Such challenges also undermine a company’s ability to maintain a smooth and efficient supply chain, impacting both customer satisfaction and profitability.

Fretron’s solution addresses these challenges by automating compliance checks through integrations with leading government platforms. Real-time verification ensures that only properly registered vehicles and licensed drivers are dispatched, reducing the risk of penalties for non-compliance. Additionally, electronic document management saves time, resources, and errors.

Automated Compliance and Documentation Management

Fretron integrates seamlessly with government portals like Vahan (vehicle registration), Sarthy (driver licensing), and eWay bill (electronic waybill system). This enables real-time verification of vehicle and driver information and real-time monitoring of potential non-compliance issues. Additionally, the system automatically manages and stores documentation electronically, eliminating the need for manual checks and reducing the risk of errors.


Secure Vehicles Rapidly with Intelligent Spot Bidding

In the fast-paced world of logistics, unforeseen circumstances such as failed placements or the need to transport goods along non-contracted lanes can arise unexpectedly. These situations often require companies to source vehicles urgently, a process that can be both time-consuming and costly when relying on manual negotiations or basic digital bidding platforms. The inability to respond swiftly to these challenges can lead to significant inefficiencies, higher transportation costs, and potential disruptions to the supply chain.

Fretron addresses this critical need by enabling dynamic vehicle sourcing for urgent requirements. This eliminates the need for time-consuming phone calls or manual negotiations. Businesses can quickly secure vehicles at competitive rates, minimizing disruptions caused by failed placements or non-contracted lanes.

Dynamic Spot Bidding

Fretron’s spot bidding capabilities include automated bid generation, real-time market rate analysis, and seamless integration with carrier networks. The platform allows businesses to post requests for specific loads and timelines. Carriers can then submit bids, and the system automatically selects the most competitive option based on pre-defined criteria. Thus, businesses can rapidly obtain competitive quotes, evaluate market rates, and secure vehicles at optimal costs.


Optimize Costs and Transit Times with Multi-Modal Expertise

Supporting multi-modal transportation requirements is essential for companies to remain competitive and meet the diverse needs of their customers. However, relying on separate systems or manually planning across multiple modes can lead to inefficiencies and higher costs. This lack of integration often prevents businesses from optimizing their transportation strategies to minimize expenses and delivery times.

Fretron’s multi-modal transportation planning capabilities offer a comprehensive solution to this challenge. With a holistic view of the transportation landscape businesses can seamlessly coordinate and manage their logistics operations across various transportation modes.

Integrated Multi-Modal Transportation Planning

Fretron offers advanced features like mode selection optimization, integrated scheduling and tracking, and real-time cost analysis, all on one platform. It provides comprehensive support for planning and executing shipments across various modes, including trucks, railways, and airplanes. Businesses can leverage on-demand services or manage dedicated fleets within the platform. By selecting the most efficient mode and vehicle for each shipment, businesses can optimize transportation costs and transit times.


Streamline Transporter Engagement and Communication

Effective communication and streamlined processes with transporters are crucial for ensuring efficient logistics operations. Manual communication methods or basic online portals can often lead to inefficiencies, errors, and delays, increasing operational overhead and hampering productivity. These challenges can strain relationships with transporters.

Fretron addresses this issue by providing a dedicated platform for seamless engagement and communication with transporters. Businesses can, thus, foster a collaborative and transparent environment, reducing miscommunications, and accelerating operations.

Dedicated Transporter Portal

Fretron’s transporter portal includes real-time vehicle request management, centralized communication channels, and customizable access controls. Transporters can access the portal to view load requests, accept vehicle requests, submit electronic documentation, and provide updates on deliveries. This user-friendly platform provides real-time access to information, helping transporters manage the entire dispatch process efficiently. This eliminates the need for manual communication channels and reduces the risk of errors.

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