How Fretron’s Freight Sourcing Automation Can Transform Your Operations

How Fretron’s Freight Sourcing Automation Can Transform Your Operations


In the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain management, efficiency and sustainability have become paramount. Fretron recognizes this shift and offers innovative solutions to revolutionize freight procurement.

Let’s explore how Fretron’s Freight Sourcing Automation can transform your operations.

1. Automated Vendor Qualification System:

Fretron’s platform streamlines vendor selection by automating technical qualification processes. Businesses can swiftly identify the most suitable carriers through predefined criteria and AI analysis, reducing errors and bias.

2. Intelligent RFQ Generator:

Say goodbye to tedious RFQ processes. Fretron automates RFQ creation and distribution using intelligent templates, incorporating market insights. This not only fosters a competitive bidding environment but also significantly reduces RFQ cycle durations.

3. Advanced Analytics Dashboard with Negotiation Tools:

Harness the power of AI-driven analytics to enhance bid analysis and negotiation. Fretron’s dashboard provides actionable insights, facilitating favorable contract terms and improving procurement cost-efficiency.

4. Integrated Contract Repository:

Managing contracts and rates is seamless with Fretron’s unified system. Real-time updates and compliance alerts ensure adherence to negotiated terms, promoting operational consistency.

5. WhatsApp Based Spot Bidding & Instant Booking:

Fretron enables autonomous spot procurement with real-time market insights. Features like WhatsApp-based spot bidding and instant booking empower businesses to secure the best rates promptly, enhancing cost-effectiveness.

6. Predictive Modeling and Freight Sourcing Analytics:

Strategic planning is made easier with Fretron’s robust analytics dashboard. Derive actionable insights and leverage predictive modeling for smart freight sourcing, optimizing procurement continuously for maximum cost efficiency.

7. Sustainability Assessment Tool for Carriers:

Incorporate sustainability into your procurement process with Fretron’s assessment tool. Access sustainability scores and environmental impact analysis to align carrier selection with green logistics goals.

Unlocking Success with Fretron’s Freight Sourcing Automation

At the core of Fretron’s innovative solution lies a commitment to optimizing every facet of freight procurement. Through cutting-edge automation and sustainable practices, Fretron empowers businesses to streamline their operations and achieve remarkable results. Let’s delve into how Fretron drives tangible improvements across key metrics:

1. Increase in Number of Quotes per Lane

With Fretron’s platform, businesses experience a remarkable up to 90% increase in the number of quotes received per lane. This surge in options translates to enhanced flexibility and greater choice, empowering businesses to make more informed decisions regarding their freight requirements.

2. Boost in Negotiations Success Rate

Negotiating favorable terms is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Fretron facilitates this process by delivering up to a 30% boost in negotiations success rate. Through advanced analytics and negotiation tools, businesses can secure advantageous contracts that align with their objectives.

3. Reduction in Coordination Efforts

Coordinating freight logistics can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. However, with Fretron’s streamlined approach, businesses can achieve up to a 70% reduction in coordination efforts. This efficiency gain frees up valuable resources and allows teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

4. Achieve Higher Cost Savings

Cost optimization is a cornerstone of effective supply chain management. Fretron enables businesses to achieve significant cost savings ranging from 5-12%. Whether through route optimization, carrier selection, or procurement efficiency, Fretron empowers businesses to maximize their budgetary resources.

5. Ensure a 100% Compliance Rate

Maintaining compliance with negotiated terms is non-negotiable in the freight procurement landscape. With Fretron’s comprehensive system, businesses can ensure a 100% compliance rate with negotiated terms. Real-time updates and compliance alerts guarantee operational consistency and mitigate the risk of costly errors.


In summary, Fretron’s Freight Sourcing Automation revolutionizes the way businesses approach freight procurement, delivering tangible improvements across critical metrics. From enhancing negotiation success rates to driving significant cost savings, Fretron empowers businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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