What is Fretron?

Fretron is a cloud-based, collaborative Transport Management System which connects Shippers, Logistic Service Providers, and Fleet Owners, to enable a simpler, efficient & responsive logistics operation.

Better Customer Experience with Digitized Logistics

Technology is today impacting your business in more ways than ever before. As consumers get used to a higher level of experience and service delivery with quick gratification, the need to deliver a better customer experience is becoming paramount for a business. Digitisation of your logistics operation helps you drive efficient alignment and deliver a better customer experience.

A Digitally Connected World

The consumer today is digitally connected and is consuming everything online. From being socially connected, online shopping, travel, food delivery and education, his world has changed forever. Businesses too are using digitisation to drive integrate with online ERPs and CRM systems, so as to respond faster to fast changing market needs. The need to process and respond faster is now a basic need for the Indian Logistics industry.

Why Digitise your Logistics?

In a connected, fast moving world, its imperative that your Business is digitally connected. Digitizing your Supply Chain impacts every aspect of your business and brings unparalleled benefits, impacting your business metrics and improving customer satisfaction.

For LSPs

Transparent Operations
Efficient Processes
Better Management
Customer Satisfaction
Better Life


For Shippers

Better Governance
Reduced Costs
More Control
Customer Service
Better Life

Fleet owners

For Fleet Owners

Higher Revenues
Increased Profits
Simpler Processes
Customer Service
Better Life

Simpler, Efficient & Responsive Logistics

Digitise, Integrate & Collaborate your entire Supply Chain

Fretron – Collaborative & Smart Logistics


Fretron TMS connects your Logistics Team, Customers & Transporters in one collaborative platform, creating more transparency and higher responsiveness. It integrates even with your ERP, automating order management, delivering higher efficiencies.


The simple, intuitive, beautiful interface of Fretron TMS means more productivity, fewer errors, and less training. And our mobile app allows you 24X7 access. And should you still need any assistance, get support from our dedicated Customer Support Team.

End to End

From Indent Management to Order Allocation and Dispatch to Order Tracking & e-POD, Fretron TMS provides you with an integrated capability to manage end to end of your logistics.


The Fretron TMS is built with intelligence such as rule based order allocation, auto load builder and auto vehicle sequencing, to ensure you get the efficiency & responsiveness you need for your entire logistics chain.


The Fretron TMS is one Smart Platform, with auto alerts & notifications that highlight bottlenecks in real time and powerful analytics and scorecards to ensure that you make smarter, faster, more informed decisions.

For Shippers

Better Governance

  • Better Governance
  • Increased Transparency
  • Improved Auditability

Reduce Transport Costs

  • Lower Rates through Spot Bidding
  • Smart Load Building
  • Auto Order Allocation
  • Higher Utilisation of Resources

More Control

  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • Improve Cycle Times
  • Faster Discovery & Resolution of Issues

Improve your Customer Service

  • Increased Visibility of your Supply Chain
  • Live Tracking with e-POD
  • Track your KPIs & Improve SLAs


Trips Covered
Vehicles Tracked
Datapoints Live

For Fleet Owners

Get More Profits

  • Find Profitable Loads Faster
  • Less Waiting. More Moving
  • Identify Bottlenecks, Improve TATs
  • Improved Asset Utilisation

Simpler Processes

  • Smart Load Building
  • Auto Order Allocation
  • Digital Documentation
  • e-POD
  • Quick Reconciliation of Invoices

Improve Your Customer Service

  • Increased Visibility of your Shipments
  • Live Tracking of Vehicles
  • Faster Discovery & Resolution of Issues
  • Track your KPIs & Improve SLAs

Live a Better Life

  • Less Firefighting, More time for Innovation
  • Everybody on same Page, No Gaps
  • Get More Done in Less Time
  • Enable a better life for Drivers by reduced waiting

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