Logistics Service Providers

Improve customer service by sharing information effectively across the logistics network

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Grow your business

With Fretron’s collaborative platform, grow your business exponentially by bringing everyone on the same page.

Reduce Compliances

Fretron helps reduce anomalies by bringing insightful dashboard and analytical reports that drive you to make better decisions.

Easy Integration

Fretron easily integrates with your existing ERP solutions to make your business run smoothly.

Delight Your Customer
  • En-route tracking helps your customers stay updated.
  • Dedicated customer & vendor portal maximizes visibility & delight.
Respond Promptly to Dynamic Needs
  • Seamless issue tracking helps in solving problems immediately.
  • Customization as per your business needs ensures requirements are met.
Gain Complete Control
  • Vendor & Customer Scorecards help you stay in control of your operations.
  • Control Tower provides you with 360^ visibility and proactive alerts.

Made to Improve Your Business

We’re helping LSPs businesses like yours all around the world

Contract & Order Management

Fretron makes it easy to track and fulfill orders. All your orders & customer data gets synced and fully integrated on one system.

Transport Planning

With Transport Planning, achieve on-time & low-cost freight delivery. It helps you plan down to the level of individual shipments & containers, thereby, improving resource utilization & reducing transportation costs.

Transport Execution

Execute your transport planning efficiently with the real-life dynamic environment. Make cost-effective delivery by eliminating delays and disruptions.

Costing & Settlement

Fretron offers comprehensive freight cost & settlement functionality for costing, auditing, settlement & reporting.

Analytics & Reports

Graphical dashboards to support real-time, data-driven decision-making across all areas of transportation.

Customer & Vendor Portal

With designated customer & vendor portal, bring everyone on the same page to increase work productivity and eliminate errors.

Seamless Integration

Fretron helps you to integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP solution for easy onboarding.

KPI Based Scorecard

Measure performance by quantifying individual and organizational goals. Evaluate performance to boost your business operations.

Rule Based Automation

Define your rules to automate your manual processes and increase productivity.

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