Freight Billing and Settlement Platform

An easy to use logistics accounting platform that powers your business

Manage Freight billing and settlement with:
  • Invoice Automation
  • Freight Settlement
  • Claim Management
  • Price Monitoring
Faster Cash Flow

Get paid as soon as you bill. Reduce your billing cycles by more than 15 days.

Fewer Errors & Disputes

Reduce anomalies in back-billing and disputes in cases of un-billed revenues.

Greater Visibility

Track the flow of all the documents in your organization to get a clear picture.

Manage Logistics Accounts with Ease

Automate Invoicing & Get Paid

Generate & share invoices online to ensure you get paid on time.

  • Create & Share invoices in seconds.
  • Follow up on payments easily with reminders.
  • Collect deposits and advance payments.
  • Customize your invoice templates easily.
Settle Your Payments with Ease

Keep complete track of where your money is being spent by staying updated of your payable & dues.

  • Settle your driver payments easily.
  • Create and send purchase orders to vendors.
  • Upload expense receipts directly.
  • Keep track of historical payments & transactions.
Make Smarter Decisions & Reduce Administration

Use the historical data to monitor freight prices and increase your profitability with smarter decisions.

  • Single platform maps all the stakeholders.
  • Instant approvals on common platform from all departments concerned.
  • Error-free calculation without human intervention.
Manage & Settle Claims Timely

Get complete transparency of all your claims and settle them on time.

  • Reduce discrepancies and shorten payment cycles.
  • Digital PoD submission can be done in seconds.
  • Reduce your payment reconciliation time.


Better billing & settlement means better relationships.


With our flexible system, any workflow can be easily configured to suit your unique process (no custom work required).


We know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we have built our solution in such a way that it grows with you. You’ll never need to upgrade to a new system as your process evolves.


We make your processes fully automated and integrated so that you can go absolutely paperless. Get your paperwork done with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Easy Account Setup

Quick account setup and activation training video for employees. Get up and started within a couple of hours.

Integrated Platform

Integrations with your existing systems to ensure automatic document check-in, easy viewability, and rendition billing capabilities.

Send Bills for Approval

Integrations with your existing systems to ensure automatic document check-in, easy viewability, and rendition billing capabilities.

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Google Cloud Backed

Sync all important documents and files in the drive with ease.


Let go of all the worries as we protect all your data and keep it safe.

Expert Support

Don’t hesitate to ask any queries. Our experts are always on their tip-toes to help you.