Benefits of E-Locks In Preventing Theft [Improve Shipment Security in 2023]

Benefits of E Locks in Logistics to Prevent Thefts

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, the shipment of goods plays a vital role in streamlining business processes. However, with the rise in complexities of logistics and the extensive network of supply chains, ensuring the security of shipments has become a substantial concern. The GPS technology-enabled shipping container locking system comes into the picture to control such problems.


Simply put, theft or pilferage during transportation can result in significant financial losses, damaged reputation, and disturbances in the supply chain. In this context, electronic locks, or e-locks integrated with GPS technology, have appeared as a robust tool to prevent theft and improve the security of shipments.


Let’s dive into the blog post and explore how digital elocks systems can help in cargo security and safety.


E locks in Logistics – A Quick Overview

Electronic locks, or e-locks, are robust security devices with GPS technology designed to provide real-time monitoring and control over shipments. Traditional locks are usually vulnerable to tampering and provide little information about the status of a shipment. But smart e-lock solutions incorporate cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive security features.


Benefits of E Locks in Logistics to Prevent Thefts

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of digital e-locks for preventing shipment theft.


Remote Monitoring

E-locks allow remote monitoring of shipments, providing stakeholders with real-time visibility regarding goods status and location. This helps with quick decision-making and timely intervention if any issues arise.


Example: A company shipping sensitive electronic goods uses e-locks with GPS tracking technology. They can monitor the particular location of the shipment at any stage of transit. If the shipment deviates from its intended route or stops unexpectedly, an alert is triggered, allowing the business to investigate and take corrective measures.


Geofencing is a virtual border set around a geographic area. E-locks incorporating geofencing capabilities can activate alerts when a shipment enters or exits predefined areas, helping stop unauthorized theft.


Example: A pharmaceutical company shipping sensitive medical supplies uses geofencing with its e-locks. An alert is sent to the logistics team if a shipment crosses a predefined boundary. Further, if the alert is ignored, the system can automatically contact the authorities or take further steps.

Tamper Detection

E-locks are integrated with unique sensors that can trigger if someone tries to tamper with the lock or open it without approval. These sensors act like escorts, protecting shipments from theft and ensuring the cargo’s contents stay safe and unchanged during transit. The system can alarm or inform the right people to act if anything abnormal is noticed.


Example: A steel manufacturer uses e-locks with tamper sensors to secure its shipments of coal. If someone tries to open the container forcefully, the e-lock integrated with GPS technology immediately sends an alert to the security team, who can take action promptly.

Data Logging

Smart E-lock solutions can record diverse environmental parameters such as weather, temperature, and humidity. This data helps maintain the quality of perishable or sensitive goods and provides evidence of adherence to quality standards during transit.


Example: A food distributor employs digital e-locks with temperature and humidity sensors to transport fresh produce. If the temperature inside the container exceeds safe levels, an alert is triggered. The data logs can also serve as proof of proper handling in case of any disputes.

Integration with IoT and Telematics

E-locks can be integrated into the broader IoT and telematics ecosystem hassle-free. This integration allows centralized monitoring, data analysis, and communication between multiple devices and systems.


Example: Imagine a shipping company uses e-locks integrated with IoT platforms. These platforms connect e-locks, GPS technology trackers, and fleet management software. If a shipment’s e-lock detects unauthorized access, it automatically triggers actions like locking down the container and notifying the central command center and local authorities.

Reduced Risk and Costs

E-locks play a significant role in reducing the financial risks and costs linked to robbed shipments. When potential thieves observe the existence of GPS-enabled e-locks on shipments, they realize that attempting to steal the goods becomes more complicated and carries a higher probability of being caught. This barrier effect alone makes them think twice before endeavoring theft.


Example: A luxury car manufacturer ships its vehicles to dealerships using an e-lock GPS tracker. In the unfortunate event of a theft, the e-lock’s real-time tracking and alerts significantly increase the likelihood of locating and recovering the stolen car. This reduces risk that can result in lower insurance premiums for the manufacturer.

Deterrent Effect

E-locks, or electronic locks, have a solid discouraging effect on potential thieves. This is because these locks increase the chances of thieves being caught if they try to steal something. Breaking or tampering with the lock might trigger an alarm or leave a digital trace, making it easier for law enforcement to recognize and arrest them.


Example: A logistics company transports high-value artwork using an e-lock GPS tracker with visible tamper-evident features. The knowledge that the shipment is equipped with advanced security measures discourages thieves from attempting to steal the painting in transit.


Highlights of Fretron E Locks Solution

Here is a sneak peek of the Fretron’s smart e-lock solution.

  • Fretron’s smart digital e lock system is easy to install from one truck to another.

  • Secure as well as track your trucks with built-in GPS tracking.

  • Get tampering alerts if anyone tries to tamper with the digital e lock.

  • Open the E Lock remotely via dashboard, app, and card.


What’s Next?

Smart E-locks systems integrated with GPS technology for supply chain security are significantly employed in the logistics and supply chain operations. The e-lock system will become more robust, especially for watching vehicles like box trucks and containers while they’re moving. As technology improves, new changes make logistics security better.

To discover how integrating a GPS tracking system with your smart digital e lock solution can work for your logistics operations, you can reach out to the Fretron team of experts.

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