About Fretron

We are the creator of Fretron, India’s 1st cloud-based, collaborative Transport Management System, which connects Shippers, Logistic Service Providers, and Fleet Owners to enable a simpler, efficient & responsive logistics network.

Our Mission

To integrate & unify the Indian Logistics ecosystem by building a common platform that brings in collaboration improves trust and drives higher efficiency & productivity.

Logistics in a Digitally Connected World

The world today is digitally connected and is moving faster than ever before. With over 500 million people connected online, the internet today impacts every aspect of modern business. The customer today needs faster & real-time information, suppliers & vendors need to be more agile, and companies need to integrate their entire supply chain to respond faster to dynamic customer needs.

The Logistics process now has even statutory processes such as GST & Eway Bills going online. The need to process and respond faster is now a basic need for the Indian Logistics industry.

Get Efficient or Lose Out

Everything you see, touch, and eat has been moved. Logistics has an impact on our daily life. Yet, most companies that need to move things from A to B still use archaic technology and operate as siloed islands. The result is billions of dollars of inefficiency and missed opportunities. The world of logistics needs a disruptive change, and those who do not innovate will get left behind. We are bringing new technology to connect and transform an industry that has been lacking in innovation for decades.

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